Subject: Re: Qlogic vs Adaptec in Alpha
To: None <>
From: Niloc <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/23/1998 10:54:12
>I'd go with the Qlogic.  The driver is a lot simpler and is better
>(since it "lives" in the NetBSD tree, whereas we only periodically update
>Adaptec driver from FreeBSD); I get pretty similar performance with either.
>Also, you can boot your Alpha from the Qlogic, but *not* from the Adaptec.

Heck, here's two execellent reasons to go with Qlogic... In the mean time I
have put my hands on a 2940UWD so I'll benchmark both cards and
share the results sometime after I receive the Qlogic.

>Where are you going to buy the Qlogic card?  Are they selling them again
>outside of huge OEM orders?  For a while they weren't.

Good question... I just handed my request to the purchasing dept. and
they told me they found it locally here in Montreal (Quebec) - which is
not of big help for most of you anyway!

Thanks for the info.