Subject: Re: New NetBSD/alpha snapshot.
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: phil freeman <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/22/1998 09:00:22
i just installed 1.3.2 about a month ago, i herd from the guys in the
tech-net list that the newest snapshots support ipfilter and ipnat.
would this be it? also i can just install it over my current
installation ? or will that cause problems? if it does fail, can i

phil freeman
newbie, M.D.

> A new binary snapshot build of the NetBSD-current development branch
> is now available in the ftp directory:
>         /pub/NetBSD/arch/alpha/snapshot/19981016
> This snapshot features all of the latest -current features, including
> several NetBSD/alpha installation advances:
>         * The NetBSD screen-menu install program `sysinst'
>         * Extended 2-floppy installer works on all supported platforms
>           and all supported devices
>                 + Turbochannel (3000/xxx) and 4100 alphas are on the boot
>                   floppy for the first time
>         * Much faster install floppy loading
>         * NetBSD/alpha now has a bootable magnetic tape install
>                 + A new distribution image `cdhdtape' can be written to
>                   a CD or tape (or hard drive) and then booted directly
>                   from SRM.
>         * Faster boot blocks for installation and normal operation
> Tips for running sysinst: your media type is probably `autoselect', `10BaseT',
> or `100BaseTX'.  (You needed to know that the old way, too.) To redraw the
> screen, type ^L.  For any fans of the old `install' and `upgrade' scripts:
> they are still there on the install disk. Just ^C out of sysinst and do it
> the old way, or even install by hand with shell commands if you like...
> Reports of both success and failure will be appreciated. Have fun...
>   --Ross Harvey