Subject: New NetBSD/alpha snapshot.
To: None <>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/22/1998 03:04:23
A new binary snapshot build of the NetBSD-current development branch
is now available in the ftp directory:


This snapshot features all of the latest -current features, including
several NetBSD/alpha installation advances:

	* The NetBSD screen-menu install program `sysinst'

	* Extended 2-floppy installer works on all supported platforms
	  and all supported devices

		+ Turbochannel (3000/xxx) and 4100 alphas are on the boot
		  floppy for the first time

	* Much faster install floppy loading

	* NetBSD/alpha now has a bootable magnetic tape install
		+ A new distribution image `cdhdtape' can be written to
		  a CD or tape (or hard drive) and then booted directly
		  from SRM.

	* Faster boot blocks for installation and normal operation

Tips for running sysinst: your media type is probably `autoselect', `10BaseT',
or `100BaseTX'.  (You needed to know that the old way, too.) To redraw the
screen, type ^L.  For any fans of the old `install' and `upgrade' scripts:
they are still there on the install disk. Just ^C out of sysinst and do it
the old way, or even install by hand with shell commands if you like...

Reports of both success and failure will be appreciated. Have fun...

  --Ross Harvey