Subject: Experimental console support for TC alphas
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/21/1998 14:29:49
Hi.  I've been working on console support for the TC alphas.  Most of
the work was done (and is still being done, in some cases) by Jason
Thorpe (SCC_NEW_CONSOLE), Takuya Koumoto, and also Toru Nishimura and
Matthias Drochner with the pmax wscons.

I think I have something now that will work for the TC alphas, but I can
only test the 3000/400 (my box) and 3000/500 (my office's box).  I'd
like it know how it does on other systems.  Toward that end, I'm putting
a kernel up on:
for people to test. [MD5 (netbsd.gz) = fb13476a1892b0bafa063fc58593f3ad]

I've booted both the 3000/400 (with sfb TC card) and 3000/500 (internal
CXTurbo sfb) with both serial console and keyboard/display console using
the netbsd.3000_500_only.gz kernel in the same directory.  The netbsd.gz
also contains the cfb and fta drivers and the DEC_3000_300 option and is
compiled for generic root instead of "root on sd0 type ffs").

If you have a TC alpha and can try this out, I'd appreciate it.  If you
do, please tell me:
	a) if it works...  ;-), and
	b) what kind of system you have (alpha system model,
	   display card, etc.)

If you don't have a supported video card, or if the display console
initialization fails for some other reason, the kernel will revert to
using the serial console after a 10 sec. delay.


                    Allen Briggs -
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