Subject: RE: Multia (semi off-topic)
To: William O Ferry <WOFerry+@CMU.EDU>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/17/1998 00:04:12
On 16-Oct-98 William O Ferry spoke unto us all:
#      I've been toying with the purchase of a Multia, to be completely
#  honest not so much because I need a computer, but because it seems to be
#  a decent price, and I don't currently have an Alpha..  =)  But I have
#  some questions I hoped somebody out here might be able to answer.

Flee, run, escape!  Multias like to burn out and die, at which point you have
to replace a few chips.. After that they are solid as a rock though.

#      First off, I see NetBSD supports the Multia, is it well supported? 
#  I mean is the onboard audio, video, IDE/SCSI, serial/parallel/PS2
#  supported?  I take it the floppy wouldn't be supported past the SRM, or
#  is the floppy supported on the Alpha now?  (I've only lightly followed
#  NetBSD/alpha progress)

no floppy, no audio.. supposedly PCMCIA works.. not sure though.

#      Also, can anybody say exactly what kind of RAM it requires?  The

72 pin true parity simms.. nothing special.

#      In general, how is the performance on a 166MHz Multia?  I'm not

About equal to a P90 or maybe P80 ish..  ;)  Nice machine.. but kinda slow.. 
(I'm a real speed demon though, so my thoughts might be unfair)

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