Subject: Debugging Multia netboot
To: None <>
From: Nathan Straz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/05/1998 09:34:35
I am looking for help on compiling a netboot for Multia with debugging
on.  Does anyone know off hand where to put all the defines or what
edits need to be made to get all the debugging messages?

For those of you interested in the story, here it goes.  I just got my
Multia Friday and I've been working on getting it to netboot off my
(intel) Linux box.  The initial BOOTP and TFTP work fine.  I was able to
get the ethernet address hard coded into netboot by booting with a
floppy and mounting the TFTP directory on /mnt2 and /usr/mdec on /mnt. 
After it loads the primary bootstrap, it tries to BOOTP again, and there
in it fails.  Sniffing for packets, I see nothing.  i.e. no network
device with the primary bootstrap.  

Now, but booting the floppy with "-flags 'n'" I was able to mount the
NFS root as my root and build my system from the source.  That's a great
15 hour job. (oops)  So I can boot from floppy, but that's not what I
want to do, since I get disk overrun/underrun while I'm booting from the
floppy.  It still works, but I want to be able to boot from the network
in case the floppy finally quits.  So I can compile, I just need to
figure out where to put all the debug defines and what those symbols

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you,

Nathan Straz