Subject: Re: Trouble netbooting 3000/500
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Wilko Bulte <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/01/1998 19:38:05
As Ross Harvey wrote...
> > 
> > [ lots of fun trying to get 3000/500 to boot ]
> >
> I think it's worth it to get that thing going. The 3000/500 is quite fast
> considering the ev4 CPU.

They have 256 bit memory paths, they're pretty cool for their age.
And built like tanks compared to the later Alphas.

> Regarding netboot:  I'll send you instructions separately for how you can
> get setnetbootinfo run on your behalf. :-) Also, I've seen SRM on the 3000
> fail to netboot five or ten times in a row, but then mysteriously succeed.

You also might want to consider trying to find a SCSI floppy drive. The
old VAXstations (e.g. 3100) used to have those. I tried it on a Jensen
(not that NetBSD supports Jensen but anyway) and I think it should also
work on a Flamingo machine. Old VS3100 can be found in dumpsters these

> Regarding a bootable CD...I'm about to do a new snapshot, and I'll make an
> experimental CD image and put it up on the site with the rest of the bits.

That'd be cool.

>   --Ross Harvey

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