Subject: Re: Alpha 3000/800 Netbooting problems...
To: Ben White <>
From: Wilko Bulte <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/27/1998 19:22:09
As Ben White wrote...
> At 07:06 PM 25-06-98 +0200, you wrote:
> >As Toru Nishimura wrote...
> >> > Uh, I'm not quite sure what you were trying to say, but...
> >> >
> >> > I've never seen a SCSI floppy in _any_ Alpha whatsoever.  I'm sure
> >> > they exist, but they aren't particularly common, as far as I'm aware.
> >> 
> >> Sorry for my poor English.  Model 300 has an option to install RX26
> >> SCSI floppy inside (our site once had 200 of RX26).  Other models did
> >> not have the room.
> >
> >You might want to keep an open eye for trash cans /dumpsters with
> >DECstations in them. From what I've seen they were more common there than in
> >AXP machines. I've got a unit like that, truly handy. Even used it to
> >boot a Jensen from ;-)
> >
> >Wilko

> I have an old DecStation 3100 which has a floppy, would I be able to pull
> the drive out of that and fit it to the alpha easily?

I suppose so, you should check if the 'normal' floppy drive (it is really
a PC floppy..) has a little translator board that makes it SCSI at the

> Would the RAM be usable in it also?

Very unlikely. Even within the Decstation range itself there were different
memory types if I'm not mistaken.

> I assume this would allow me to boot up with a boot floppy then and then
> install via the network.

Yep. Check it out, it does not hurt ;-)

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