Subject: Re: making programs 64bit clean
To: David Seifert <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/19/1998 16:04:50
On 19-Jun-98 David Seifert spoke unto us all:
# I'd say the most important thing is to send any mods back to
# the maintainer so that the next version will hopefully compile
# cleanly right out of the box.

Well.. thats the idea.  If you've watched netbsd-bugs lately.. I'm probably
driving the pkg folks up a wall.. I've sent about 15 PR's in the last few days..
I'll need to sit down and go back through all this and try to communicate all
this to the original authors..  Wot a mess.. ;)

# There used to be a spot on the netbsd site with patches,
# it seems to be hiding from me today.  :-)  Assuming this
# still exists it would be useful to post the mods there as well.

The patches are getting committed quite quickly, Ive seen a few of them in the
sups from the last few days.  

# Binary distributions are nice to have, but most of us can type
# "make" if we have to.  :-)

Yeah.. guess it's up to Ross.  When Curt was portmaster, he asked me to do
this, but my alpha was dead.. I'm still catching up.. ;)

Tim Rightnour    -