Subject: Re: making programs 64bit clean
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/18/1998 23:40:20
On 18-Jun-98 Ross Harvey spoke unto us all:
# Hi Tim! Thanks for banging away at the packages on the alpha.

No problem, just trying to do my part.  Hope noone here minds my occasional
brain picking until I get a better hang of some of this.  Also, thanks for all
the replies.  The pkg fixed right up and compiled once I fixed a few include

While I'm in the process of doing all this compiling, should I go ahead and
make the bin pkgs for them?  I'm on 6/10/98 current unfortunately, so I really
can't make a 1.3.2 pkg.

So far I've run into two pkgs I really don't have much hope for.  One is
bohem-gc (which I would *really* like to get running) Its a malloc garbage
collector.  But the whole thing is pretty much written in assembly, and I'm at
a complete loss when it comes to assembler.

The other one is postgresql.. but I'm going to take another shot at that one
later.. for some reason yacc blew up on it.

Tim Rightnour    -