Subject: ldconfig
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/18/1998 00:16:43
Hi NetBSDers,
One of those programs that I mentioned had the Dec 30 date happened to be
ldconfig (gives wrong architecture error). Unfortunately, that one didn't
have a working twin in another directory. Which tarball is ldconfig located
in so I can reinstall? Many programs are giving me the shared object not found because I don't have a working ldconfig.

Also, mail dumped core:

(gdb) core-file mail.core
Core was generated by `mail'.
Program terminated with signal 12, Bad system call.
pid 14099 (gdb): unaligned access: va=0x120225e4a pc=0x12004d978 ra=0x12004cc14
pid 14099 (gdb): unaligned access: va=0x120225e52 pc=0x12004d978 ra=0x12004cc14

The repeated line appeared 32 times & then gdb dumped core *sigh*

Any ideas?

Thank you,

ps AlphaStation 4/200 166 24 MB RAM, 1.08GB HD, floppy, twin PCMCIA,
10bT/10b2, NO video or keyboard, running NetBSD 1.3E (mach) #4 from May 25.

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