Subject: Re: ldconfig
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/17/1998 23:12:36
On 18-Jun-98 Ross Harvey spoke unto us all:
# I do think that the next time I do a snapshot (hopefully RSN) I will try
# to do toolchain and X sets as well. We do seem to have had some trouble
# with the original plan of mixing snapshot sets and release sets.

I think part of the confusion was:

a) suddenly moving the toolchain to inside the comp set.
b) Requiring a toolchain to be installed when the snapshot looked like it was
in release 7 format.
c) Downloading comp.tgz only to find out that the 1.3.2 cpp was in the base

I dont mind doing steps b and c, if some README in the snapshot directory tells
me which ones to download.  I think just having slightly better README's would
have solved my hassles.. though the list was very helpful.

We might also want to either a: start a FAQ. or b: say "there is no ldconfig,
and no, you aren't missing it" in the INSTALL doc.  That one seems to get asked
alot around here.  And yes.. I'm volunteering, if some people send me some good
QnA's, I'll format them. 

If someone would be kind enough to send me an explanation of how elf works, and
*why* it doesn't need ldconfig, I would appreciate it.  I hate just saying
"because thats how it is." in a FAQ.  Since for awhile alpha will be NetBSD'ers
first exposure to elf.

Tim Rightnour    -