Subject: Re: NetBSD Dec Alpha 3000
To: Bryan Ross <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/16/1998 18:15:38
>Can you help me with info on the built-in ISDN (AMD79c30) hardware
>on the Alpha 3000. Is NetBSD going to support the hardware in the
>future, or does some else (Besides Digital) currently have drives for
>the built-in ISDN hardware.
>Or can you point me to some info on the web, that has
>doc's, code, etc...

Oddly enough, I had looked at that myself :-)

You can get the data sheet for the chip from AMD (they only have an
abridged data sheet on their web site last time I looked, but if you
call AMD, you can get what you need).

However ... I heard from some people that the main purpose of that chip
was to provide audio, _not_ for ISDN.  For example, you'll have to
do HDLC in software, because (so I was told) there's no HDLC hardware

But assuming you're crazy enough to go the next step ... you'll find
that getting documentation on US ISDN standards is quite an adventure,
because there doesn't seem to be any standards at all.  Most
software/firmware seems to be written to work with a few ISDN switches
which are fairly common, but finding out what protocol these switches
use seems to be very difficult (you need detailed technical documents
from the switch vendors, and those seem to be very difficult to get).
Our friends in Europe have it much easier, since European ISDN _is_
standardized (and that's why I've only found free ISDN packages
for Euro ISDN).

If I'm wrong about the state of American ISDN, someone please correct
me, but that's how I understood things last time I investigated getting
the ISDN working on the 3000.