Subject: Re: Processor correctavke error?
To: Michael T. Stolarchuk <>
From: Andrew Gallatin <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/11/1998 20:27:38
Michael T. Stolarchuk writes:
 > In message <>, "Chris G. Demetriou" writes:
 > >Are they actually EB164s?  (I doubt it.)  If they have the Pyxis
 > >chipset, you probably want to be running NetBSD-(very-)current on them...
 > >(If you're not, I could believe you're seeing the problem you
 > >mention.)
 > That's what the kernel says when its boots up. i've got about
 > eight of the 533 mhz 164xl motherboards... what's the way to tell
 > about the chipset?

AFAIK all 164LX boards use the Pyxis chipset.  You really, really want
the new kernel.  These machine checks look similar to what I was
seeing on Miatas before Jason's bwx code.