Subject: Re: Processor correctavke error?
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Michael T. Stolarchuk <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/11/1998 17:18:28
In message <>, Ross Harvey writes:
>mts> ok, here's another machine check. This one comes from one of the EB164's
>mts> i'm playing with, all of them exhibit the same machine check.  It occurs
>mts> when working with the second aha2940...
>Based on this information our stock answer ("bad memory") obviously doesn't
>apply, it appears to be a PCI error. Did you get a chance to try Jason's
>new bwx kernel?  How does that work?  If it is stilling losing and is
>repeatable, you may need to use the dbx hints you already have to get
>started and resort to inserting printf's to localize the failure.

where's jason's bwx kernel?  i'd like to try it.  i'm still building
out of 1.3.2... is it worthwhile to get a high reve tree...

Thanks ross.. i know its happening near the _mem_read_1's, but don't have
the entire traceback.. if sp is hosed, is the old sp copied somewhere so
i can get at it?  ie: <rn> <- sp during a check?   i know its during
ahc_probe, ... so i can isolate it a bit more...