Subject: Re: graphics cards
To: Michael G. Schabert <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/30/1998 13:42:46
> I see that you mention that "VGA" is supported...does this mean that I can
> go out & buy any WinTel PC VGA card, or does it have to be made for Alpha?

I've used a random WinTel PC VGA card, personally.  Whether "any" will
work is a different question.  8-)

> If there is PCI compatibility between the Alpha & PeeCees, will the ZLXp-E2
> card work in someone else's Pentium (running NT, since I do have the NT
> drivers 4 the Alpha).

As noted earlier, there's the matter of initialization...  I don't
know whether the TGA drivers for NT include i386-compatible bits, or
only alpha bits.  If the latter, you can't use them in a PC.

> Also, Mark Levine mentions that he's successfully using the E2 with NetBSD
> 1.2, but it only works in VGA mode. I tried booting mine in 640*480, both
> in switch setting 11 and 12 (different refresh rates). Unfortunately, they
> both exhibited the same behaviour.

Uh, "no."

If he's using a ZLX* card in VGA mode on a PCI alpha, it's most likely
a ZLX2-<something>.

TGA, that is ZLXp-*, have no VGA mode.  TGA2 (ZLX2-*) do.