Subject: Re: NetBSD/Alpha
To: Mark H. Levine <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/24/1998 20:33:37
At 6:50 PM -0500 5/24/98, Mark H. Levine wrote:
>   Hi there NetBSDers,
>   I recently obtained a SparcStation with no software (actually, no hard
>I must presume you meant an Alphastation, as you say later when you install
>the drive into an Alpha, otherwise the answer is easy :).  Which type of
>Alpha do you have?  They aren't all supported....

It's an AlphaStation 200 4/166, which from what I've read should definitely
be supported. It's pretty standard, 24 MB RAM (2 4 MB & 2 8MB SIMMs),
floppy drive, the standard 8 MB ZLXp video card. It also has a PC card dard
in one of its ISA slots.

>It looks suspiciously like your kernel did not finish loading properly --
>check the floppy image against the original with sums?  Run a memory

I hadn't checked the floppy against original but did try installing the
image again with the rawrite.exe.

I had done it using SoftPC (really old) on my Mac. I'll try transferring
them to my wife's "real" PC laptop & seeing if that produces a better

>If Bikers don't do taglines, what are all those bumper stickers?

Heh, I dunno, I don't have any bumper stickers, just colors ;-)

Thanks for any & all help,

Bikers don't *DO* taglines.