Subject: Re: egcs-1.0.3
To: Wada Tatsuaki <>
From: Paul H. Anderson <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/19/1998 10:14:29
On Tue, 19 May 1998, Wada Tatsuaki wrote:

> I'd like to run a C++ STL program on my NetBSD-Alpha.
> I'm using egcs-1.0.2 with Paul Anderson's patch, but it sometimes failed
> with floating point exceptions. 
> Could someone tell us current status of egcs-1.0.3(a) on NetBSD-Alpha?
> Does it still not support NetBSD-Alpha?
> If not, can we get a patch for?

egcs-1.0.3 (alpha or beta, I'm not sure) doesn't, at the moment, compile 
a working c/c++ compiler, so at this moment, you have two options, as 
near as I can tell: 1) live with or fix the 1.0.2 with the patches I 
added, or 2) help me get 1.0.3 patched and working.

Anyhow, what I've done so far is simply to submit the changes to 
Cygnus/FSF for inclusion into the 1.0.3 sources, as well as submit the 
paperwork so that the changes may be freely used.  Both of those things 
have happened.

What also happened is that the guy putting my changes in cleaned them up 
(essentially consolidating things with the Linux setup files).  Since he 
doesn't have an Alpha, it is up to us to get things fixed up and 

Right now, it is failing to assemble crtbegin.s and crtend.s.  
Apparently, the toolchain assembler regards the label form {digit}{b|f} 
to be invalid.  That is, a branch statement of "    br 1f" fails.

Anyone that wants to check out egcs-1.0.3 beta and hack on it should look 
at, which is exactly what I'm doing.  As 
it stands at this moment, the file egcs/gcc/configure line 2224 now reads

tm_file="${tm_file} alpha/elf.h alpha/netbsd.h alpha/netbsdl-elf.h"

but should read:

tm_file="${tm_file} alpha/elf.h alpha/netbsd.h alpha/netbsd-elf.h"

Since I don't have cvs write permission, I'll either mail the change back 
to cygnus, or someone else is free to do it.

BTW, I know that STL used to cause problems for g++ - maybe it still does. 
I don't know anything about it, so I can't offer any useful advice there. 


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