Subject: Re: multia ide drives
To: Alex <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/14/1998 14:05:59
At 01:21 PM 5/14/98 , Alex wrote:
>> ide? The internal drive in the multia is a SCSI drive. Or am
>> I missing something here...
>You're missing something: there's IDE on the motherboard (the
>connector is that two rows of pins sticking up out of the motherboard
>just back of the 2.5 inch HD --- it uses the notebook IDE connector
>spec).  In the P-100 Multias it's suppored and works just fine, but
>last I heard there is *no* OS that runs on the Alpha Multias that
>supports is, including Digital UNIX and NT.

Digital UNIX 4.0D does support IDE drives and CDROMs.  However it
doesn't seem to support the ISA IDE ports as shipped.  You might be
able to use isacfg and an edit to /etc/sysconfigtab to get the driver
to recognize it but probably not.

>P.S. If there happens to be a Digital employee here who would have
>a clue where to find more specs on the P-100 Multias than are included
>in the Service Information manuel (EK-MULTS-IN.C01), I'd really
>appreciate a pointer.  I've scoured

It's not there.  The chip used is the NS87312 which does the floppy,
IDE, serial, etc.
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