Subject: Re: multia ide drives
To: Matthew Jacob <>
From: Alex <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/14/1998 13:21:17
> ide? The internal drive in the multia is a SCSI drive. Or am
> I missing something here...

You're missing something: there's IDE on the motherboard (the
connector is that two rows of pins sticking up out of the motherboard
just back of the 2.5 inch HD --- it uses the notebook IDE connector
spec).  In the P-100 Multias it's suppored and works just fine, but
last I heard there is *no* OS that runs on the Alpha Multias that
supports is, including Digital UNIX and NT.


P.S. If there happens to be a Digital employee here who would have
a clue where to find more specs on the P-100 Multias than are included
in the Service Information manuel (EK-MULTS-IN.C01), I'd really
appreciate a pointer.  I've scoured

Carl Alexander
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