Subject: Re: Suggestions for AlphaPC164 for NetBSD
To: Yuri Gindin <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/11/1998 23:57:31
[ On Mon, May 11, 1998 at 11:52:54 (+0300), Yuri Gindin wrote: ]
> Subject: Suggestions for AlphaPC164 for NetBSD
> I need some help from you. I suppose to buy an AlphaPC164 and use NetBSD
> on it. Currently I run NetBSD-current on SparcLX but it's to slow and
> I want to buy some  faster computer like alpha.

Me too!  ;-)

> I have the followin questions about what system to buy ?
> 1) Motherboard, processor and cache. SX or  LX or other 533MHz or 600MHz,
> 1MB or 2MB of external cache ? What are the approximate price differences?

My gut feeling is to stay away from the SX, esp. for a server.  I
suppose an SX would be a good inexpensive workstation, but that's
assuming you have a solid server to run stuff on.  I personally don't
think anyone needs such guts in a workstation though -- I'm quite happy
with my Sun 3/60 for that job!  ;-)  [But then I don't want colour
graphics, and moving bytes or words instead of bits definitely takes
more horsepower than a Sun-3.]

I think 2MB of L3 cache is the going thing these days, and some vendors
are offering 4MB at not too much more $$$$.

I don't think 600MHz is worth the money (over 533MHz) just yet.  You'd
have to be really trying to squeeze the last cycle out to make it pay.

That's all I know for now!  ;-)

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