Subject: multia tga display
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Joseph Sarkes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/22/1998 21:14:34
Firstly, i am using NetBSD 1.3 on an alpha (233 Mhz multia) 

Well, i have looked around but haven't been able to find out
how to affect the display problem i am having. I have the tga
set for 1280x1024 sync on green to talk to an hp fixed scan 20"
monitor. This works just fine. However, when netbsd boots up, it
changes the display font and also enables some type of odd scroll
function that scrolles in 10 line steps. It did this also with the
default 1024x768 resolution. How do i disable this? It is nearly
impossible to work with vi or less with this occuring, as the top
10 lines are lost on each scroll.

Other problems: bison isn't included in the toolchain so the 
toolchain source can't be built. The included yacc has not got
the same flags as are used in the makefile.

The wss driver won't build in the kernel due to a missing 
machine/pio.c i believe it was.

Someplace a note needs to be made that if you install the domestic
security binaries, you can't compile the source tree properly without
installing the domestic sources also.

There still is no Xserver available for the alpha tga, despite a misleading
note that it should show up in a couple of days (from a month ago). I am
not complaining about this, as i have many other things to tinker/learn
about yet on this distribution, however if somebody has it running it 
would be really nice if it was up for download.

If there is a good getting netbsd configured doc i would greatly 
appreciate being steered to it. I have been playing with linux on
the multia but have been using an older version of netbsd on an hp
425 and would probably be happier with only one os to maintain.

Finally, i realize that this should have been spread out over a 
couple posts, but it is written now, and off it goes. It did take
me a couple tries to get the install running and netbsd loaded onto
the alpha. I am currently using an external syquest 1.5 drive on it,
which has worked fine so far. I have had no scsi problems on this box.
Joseph Sarkes