Subject: Re: status of ncr 53c810 scsi adapter?
To: None <>
From: Alex <xela@MIT.EDU>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/20/1998 11:03:08
> I would like to note that our NCR driver is nearly identical to the
> FreeBSD one -- the only differences have to do with distinctions in
> "idiom" between NetBSD and FreeBSD. We track changes to their drivers.

The fact remains that I have 7 alpha Multias (which were
perfectly content running NT or Linux) that have become
paperweights since we decided to standardize on NetBSD.
Every time the SCSI bus resets the machines go off into
neverneverland....  I'm given to understand RHL uses
essentially the same driver too; I had two of these
machines up for over 120 days running RHL 4.2 with *the
exact same hardware configurations* as now lock up within
hours (Hell, several times have locked up right after
writing the disklabel in the installaiton script).  So
there's something about this driver with NetBSD and this
hardware.  Maybe it's the SRM console's fault, even (both
NT and Linux boot from the ARC console).  I'd just like
these machines not to be paperweights, and I'd really
rather not have to go back to Linux or NT.


Carl Alexander
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