Subject: Re: status of ncr 53c810 scsi adapter?
To: Mark H. Levine <>
From: Michael K. Sanders <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/19/1998 14:10:09
"Mark H. Levine" writes:
>There was some loose talk here about giving this driver some priority because
>of its support in SRM and being built-in to eb164 systems... is there actually
>anyone doing development?  If not, is there anyone who can give pointers to
>documentation on how to correct NCR scripts?  I've recently heard of a new
>failure mode with Intraserver controllers and the pc164 that keeps the machine
>from boostrapping once the kernel device driver has control, with latest
>versions of pc164s and Seagate drives, so I have some interest in looking at

Could this have anything to do with why my Multia hangs after 'Loading
netbsd...' ?  As I posted before, it's using a Compaq OEM Seagate
Barracuda drive.  I'll have to try it with another disk and see if I
get any better results.