Subject: Re: X and 1.3 for the alpha
To: John L. Sackett III <>
From: Markus Tacke <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/18/1998 17:19:47
John wrote:
>Tried to run the 1.2 xserver on my multia, but it complains about not
>finding the fonts (which are there).

I have the 1.2 Xserver on my multias (at work and at home)
running. tha way was: first I installed the X kit form the snapshot,
then I installed the new x on top of it. The Server work, is still
very slow and crashes sometimes (as before) for example, when I try
the xbench.

I have 2 major Problems left:

What does not work ist:
  xdmcp ('-query host' or '-indirecT host')
 German Keyboard (which I prefer ( msut be some S/M addiction ;^)  ))

with xdmcp it dies with

Fatal server error:
XDMCP fatal error: Session declined No valid address

and you can not use just xmodmap to use the German keyboard because
the right alt and the left alt are the same key ( like many others,
e.g. the dedicated page ups/downs and the keypad ones..) It seems,
that the keyboard inside the wscons/kbd.c and the isa/pckbd.c maps all
these events, which are made by an escape sequence and the other key
(>press ALT-R< gives >press special< >press ALT-L<), into the other
key (at least for the ascii console, so noe german keyboard in
console). The Xserver seems to get both events and it is possible to
activate the xkbd extension, wich is build in but not activated, but I
don't know, wether it is possible to build a Map to have these
>special< escapes used to diffentiate the Keys

Markus Tacke