Subject: RE: Alpha (fwd)
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Greg Baldwin <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/13/1998 00:59:21
On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, Matt Thomas wrote:

> At 08:53 AM 2/11/98 , Tim Rightnour wrote:
> >As a side note..  I'll bet you 10:1 you can kiss Digital Unix and OpenVMS
> >goodbye.
> No way.  Digital UNIX and OpenVMS are Compaq's way of entering the corporate
> data centers.  NT just doesn't cut it as 365x24 operating system.

That may be true, but far too many companies won't even touch *any* Unix,
even if it was given to them for free, because people in management think
that NT is the OS from the Gods.  How many companies do you know of who
have dumbasses up in management?  The lights of one of the largest keep
the sky bright 24/365 here - this company likes to name its flagship
products with the number "7" in it, esp in groups of three  8).

Of course, another reason may be price.  I have not seen the latest SMRP
of Digital Unix, but last I heard, it was a hell of a lot more than of NT4
Server.  If you do not think price is the #1 factor in many minds in
corperate America, then you should see how many buisnesses have given me
boxes like P133s with EIDE hard drives 32MB of non-EDO RAM, and no-name
10bT hardware and told me that they wanted all 100 of their clients to
have file/print/login access through it.  (even though I told them that
they were damn crazy to think it would work well, I still had to get it
all connected up)

Lastly, the network industry is very polarized... there are some people
who want DEC servers and Cisco routers and nothing else... then there's
everyone else.  I'm afraid that the "everyone else" group is growing.

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