Subject: Begging for source of old Multia firmware (was Re: Non-booting Multia)
To: Tim Rightnour <>
From: Jacques Vidrine <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/04/1998 09:38:05

Well, from your input and my experience, we know that:

* SRM 3.8-3 cannot be used for netbooting, period.

* SRM 3.7x cannot be used for netbooting without setnetbootinfo.
  Whether it works with a setnetbootinfo'd file is unknown.  If
  someone could hack one for me, I can test this.

* BOOTP + TFTP seems to work fine ... it is when the netboot code
  is executed that it goes south.  This being the case, I don't 
  understand how MOP would help.

Any other experiences out there?  

I have yet to turn up anything useful on recent archives.  The
archives are kind of a pain to search.  Does someone perhaps have a
web page that can search all of the archives, or do I have to just
download them all and use grep?

Jacques Vidrine <>

On 4 February 1998 at 7:11, Tim Rightnour <> wrote:
> I would gladly send you a setnetbootinfo'd netboot file..  Thats not yoour
> problem..  There seems to be a bug of some sort in 3.8-3 SRM that makes our
> netbooting non-functional.  I have tried it with a "hacked" netboot file.. no
> go.  Someone listed a ton of SRM versions that he had on a page a few days
> ago.. Look back in the archives and check out his page.. I would do it myself
> but my memory is crap and the thing won't boot at all. ;)
> Bloody annoying..  Can't we use mopd instead of bootpd.  I don't even know wh
> mopd *does* but the SRM has support for it.
> ---
> Tim Rightnour    -