Subject: instkernel + sysinst
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/31/1998 18:45:42
Hi folks...

In an effort to make installing NetBSD on our Alphas here at work easier,
I've made the new sysinst tool work on the Alpha, and created an "instkernel"
which has a larger ramdisk than the floppy install kernel so that it can
hold all of the stuff that sysinst needs.  All of this has been checked
into -current, and can be found in src/distrib/alpha/instkernel.

This kernel can be network booted without any additional NFS root setup.

I just completed an install of NetBSD/alpha 1.3 on my AlphaStation 600
using this instkernel (I network booted it).  If the rest of you would
like to try it out, it can be found at:

I'm hoping to make booting from CD-ROM work within the next week, or so,
and if I do, I will make a CD-ROM image available with a binary snapshot
of NetBSD/alpha 1.3B (-current) + the X sets from 1.3.

Jason R. Thorpe                             
NASA Ames Research Center                            Home: +1 408 866 1912
NAS: M/S 258-5                                       Work: +1 650 604 0935
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