Subject: Re: ftp-able old Multia SRM firmware available
To: Wilko Bulte <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/21/1998 06:52:59
On 20-Jan-98 Wilko Bulte spoke unto us all:
# > I just now installed V3.7-628 by chopping off the first 512 bytes, writing
# > the file to a FAT12 floppy as SRM.EXE, and running 'blast' at the SRM
# > prompt.
# > 
# <censored> That was the best I had to offer right now. I'll keep an open
# eye for other versions, but the probability of that happening is approaching
# 0

I have a firmware labeled 4.33 (arc version I'm sure)  However the SRM is
different too..  It was originally installed on my multia..  I don't *think* it
netboots, but I later found out I was doing something wrong. (this is after I
upgraded to the latest rev.  I've tried to downgrade to this but it complained
about file sizes being wrong.   I believe you can download this off *somewhere* on there page.  I don't know what to say other
than that.  Maybe someone should post to linux-alpha groups and beg there?

Tim Rightnour    -