Subject: crossbuild env for netbsd-alpha hosted on Digital Unix?
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Wilko Bulte <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/24/1997 22:28:47
Hi there

Maybe I'm trying to do something impossible but:

I want to crosscompile NetBSD with the generation environment hosted on
a Digital Unix machine. I cannot do a generation on a NetBSD-alpha machine
because I only have one Alpha box (a Jensen) that is not supported by
NetBSD. Trying to get NetBSD running on it is the aim of all of this.

I got the toolchain from Curt Sampson (thanks!) that he successfully
uses to generate binary snaps on a NetBSD host. It seems that getting
this same toolchain compiled on D'Unix (either 4.0 or 3.2g) results
in lots of compiler errors, broken Makefiles etc.

An alternative for me would be to cross-host the generation environment
on a FreeBSD intel box. Any chance that will work? AFAIK cross compiling
on a 32 bit host for a 64 bit target can be done but is not advisable

Please help

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