Subject: Re: Alpha port compiles and runs again
To: <>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 09/06/1997 15:26:47
 [ this is really to follow up on the alpha netboot mods posting ]

Nice job with the netboot code, guys.  One my various local mods is to
the alpha stand/common boot code as well.  The boot code depends not
only on the Alpha Console Architecture, which is fine, but also on the
SRM console's organization, in particular, the fact that it starts up
with the _VMS_ palcode running.

For example, the boot blocks do a VMS WHAMI, which on OSF/1 is RTI!
(OSF/1 has a WHAMI as well, but its opcode is different. Sigh. Nothing
like a spurious RTI in stand-alone code to debug.)

Anyway, I have boot code that executes the VMSisms and the palcode
switch only if they are needed. This will be necessary in the future
when we support SRM-less boxes; because the OSF/1 palcode is free and
redistributable in source form, nothing prevents us in theory from
running without SRM, I do it here since finishing my own console code.

We should merge our boot code mods.
Ross Harvey	Avalon Computer Systems, Inc.
		Santa Barbara