Subject: How does one install boot blocks on NetBSD/alpha?
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/27/1997 12:19:55
I was able to install the latest snapshot on a SCSI disk, but when I
try to boot it, it tells me there are no valid boot blocks.   But when
I try to install boot blocks with disklabel, disklabel doesn't
recognize the -B flag.   Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?


>>>show config
                        Digital AlphaPC 164 466 MHz

SRM Console V4.5-14             VMS PALcode V1.18-8, OSF PALcode V1.21-8
DECchip (tm) 21164A-1
DECchip (tm) 21171 CIA ASIC Pass 3

128 Meg of system memory

PCI Bus 
     Bus 00  Slot 05: DECchip 21140 Network Controller
                                   ewa0.          00-00-F8-02-79-50   
     Bus 00  Slot 07: DECchip 21140 Network Controller
                                   ewb0.          00-00-F8-00-7F-03   
     Bus 00  Slot 08: Intel 82378IB PCI to ISA Bridge
     Bus 00  Slot 09: NCR 53C810 Scsi Controller
                                   pka0.          SCSI Bus ID 7       
                                   dka0.           SEAGATE ST32155N    

Slot    Device  Name            Type         Enabled  BaseAddr  IRQ     DMA
        0       MOUSE           Embedded        Yes     60      12
        1       KBD             Embedded        Yes     60      1
        2       COM1            Embedded        Yes     3f8     4
        3       COM2            Embedded        Yes     2f8     3
        4       LPT1            Embedded        Yes     3bc     7
        5       FLOPPY          Embedded        Yes     3f0     6       2

>>>boot dka0
(boot dka0. -flags 0)
block 0 of dka0. is not a valid boot block
bootstrap failure