Subject: Multia, help
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Riccardo Veraldi <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/21/1997 17:00:57
Hello people,
I know that it is not properly a NetBSD peoblem,
but I dunno who I can ask help to, and when one is desperate he tries to do
everything, so I hope someone of us who has a kind heart to help me.
Well I gave up with NetBSD 'cos I could configure the Digital Unix 4.0B on my
Multia with a SRM console 3.7 that is up to date than required for Digital
Unix 3.8, but I was not able to install the New SRM firmware.
It does not Install, I dunno why.
During the update srm session it writes me "Jumper on ?"
and then it come back to the apu-> prompt without upgrading the firmware srm
Anyway I have installed the New Digital Unix and it works very good.
The only thing  is that if I view an image with the image loader from the
Digital Unix application  or XV or whatever else it displays to me images
24bit in a so bad way, that I can see them in a better way only if I translate
them to 8bit.
Anyway I have a DEC ZLXp-E video board with 4MB RAM, so I shouldn't have
these problem, I guess it is due 'cos I have a old srm firmware, but I have
seen this behaviour on all ALHPAs with Digital Unix I have at university.
My problem is also that my X server starts with 1024x768 configuration.
I would like to switch to 1280x1024 but there are a lot of jumpers on the
mainboard and I dunno what is to be set and in which way to select the
1280x1024 that is the highest resolution for my hardware.
I guess this Multia is high configurable but noone knows how to do it,
not ever the Digital Equipmen of Milan can help me, they said they
cannot give informations about the MainBoard layout because it is property
of Digital Equipment and Digital Unix is not officially supported from
DEC on the Multia 'cos of commercial reasons, the Multia was a too much cheap
computer that a lot of people could allow theirself to buy it and this was
not a good thing for Digital so that they declared not supported the Multia
by digital unix, so they does not help me.
Anyway the Digital unix run quite fine really, rather it runs very good,
I only have this problem about X server graphic display resolution
set up to 1024x768, while I would like it to be 1280x1024.

Now...the real problem is that I read all the papers about the Multia I found
at site.
Kindly Chris Demetrius told me to find those papers there.
Bye the way, Thank Chris!!
In one of these manuals called "Multia Multiclien Desktop Services Informations"
I found out that there is a LED in the back of the computer, a diagnostic LED
between the serial port and Twisted pair.
When I power on the Multia it blinks about 5 times with a very slow blinking
rate and this is normal I think because it should perform the various check
tests. THe thing is that after these 5 blinking slow rate it blinks faster
for still 5 times, and I Guess this really means something of bad.
I guess the number of blinks gives a HEX code.
In my case this is 5 and the number 5 correspond to a testing PCI data
path using SIO, I dunno what it means.
I only remember that when the unix kernel starts it says that it is unable to
configure some PCI option because not in option table, but then the
operative system works really very good, I can compile and do everything.
THe only thing is that the DEC Multimedia services does not work,
the audio board does not work I am not able to make it work, I installed
the software for a Microsoft compatibile audio board and it does not work,
anyway I do not care of the audio board at all.

I only would like to know finally what does those blinking codes mean
and if there is something to fix what I have to do.
I hope there is someone who can help me, thanks
...just an other thing.
Actually my Multia is not on the Network and perhaps it will never be.
THe Ehernet board I have is autosensing and it enables the THickWire 10Base5
port. Do this mean that if I connect the ethernet cable
in the ThinWire 10Base2 port it will not work?
OR if I connect the 10Base2 port it will automatically being enabled??