Subject: Multia: installing new SRM
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Riccardo Veraldi <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 05/11/1997 17:16:36
Hi Everyone,
thanks for helping me (in particular Berndt Josef Wulf and Curt Sampson)
for the first stage of installation of NetBSD on Multia.
Well for some unlucky reason I couldn't gunzip the rz25 image yet,
I had the file image damaged so I have to retry getting it again.
Now this is the situation on my system.
I have a TOSHIBA 300Mb internal disk and a rz29b 4.3Gb external disk,
so of course I would do dd to my rz29 disk.
Now after the dd procedure when I reboot the system I guess I have to use the
disklabel utility, but I have not really undrstood how to use it.
I looked at the disklabel man page on Digital Unix but I guess if it is
different from the one of NetBSD.
So I would appreciate very much if someone could help me with disklabel.
After dd the rz25 image I would like to set up my system in this way:
/ and /var on the sd0 device this means on the internal disk
and /usr /home and swap on the external disk rz29.
Actually I have this configuration on digital unix:
root /usr swap1 on external rz29 disk
/var and swap2 on the internet disk.
Well after I had done dd how I have to do to set up my partitions?
I simply have to modify the fstab file??
In what way I can choose the various partition sizes I need??
I have always installed systems like FreeBSD or Linux in which these things
are done automatically by the installation program, but here I think
I have to do it by hand.
Could someone help me please telling me how to use disklabel and how to do to
set up properly the disk space for my various partitions??
I hope I am not asking too much.

then an other thing...where to find the Netscae for NetBSD for Alpha?

then the LAST question :)

I would like to update the firmware for my srm console.
I am unable to do it because the internal jumper is set in a way that it
prevents the ROM to being written so I cannot update.
How I have to set up the jumpers on my mainboard and where to find them
I have bougth the multia 1 month ago and I have not opened it since I do not
know how and where to start looking for the jumpers.
Could someone help me also with this issue??
Thanks a lot really, I Really need help.