Subject: Maddog's talk in Dallas
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From: Matthew Jacob <>
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Date: 05/03/1997 09:33:13
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Maddog's talk in Dallas on Thursday was quite good, by the way.  

The most interesting commentary was concerning the real economic value to 
Digital of Alpha Linux.  Some of it is decidedly not intuitively obvious:

a) Alpha Linux sells more *new* boxes with Digital Unix than it does with 

b) The ideal target (from the Digital perspective) for Linux is in the 
aftermarket, allowing "obsolete" hardware to stay in use.  Systems that get 
redeployed using Linux are more valuable than systems that get crushed, which 
*reduces the cost of ownership* of the Digital UNIX systems.  Best of all, 
this takes place without Digital losing any sales dollars or profit margin.  
Making the hardware cheaper to the customers without cutting prices is "a good 

c) People have come to Digital having heard that Alpha was a good place to run 
Linux, and come away concluding they really want DU.  That's what you call 
"unsolicited sales," that are worth a mint.
Christopher B. Browne,, 
Web:  SAP Basis Consultant, UNIX Guy 
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