Subject: Re: Using a framebuffer console and fun with dmesg
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/29/1997 17:44:59
>...there is a driver for the framebuffer, but there is no support
>for the keyboard on the TurboChannel systems, yet.

D'oh!  Okay, I see.

>I personally think something like how the sun3 zs driver works (altered
>for wscons) is more or less the Right Thing.  It would be nice to have
>the Alpha port use the MI z8530sc driver.  Then the infrastructure for
>it is all there.

Okay, well, I'm willing to try to tackle this problem.  I don't have
the DEC 3000 manual, though (how much does it cost?  Is the PS file
available anywhere?).

Hmmm, okay, I see that the keyboard is on the _second_ port of the
one scc UART.  Is the mouse on the _second_ port of other scc UART?
Nothing seems to happen when I cat that tty and move the mouse around.
Or is it one of those mice you need to initalize first?

>...X does not yet work under NetBSD/alpha on that type of machine.
>Although, once you get the keyboard working, it might not be that hard
>to add support for the PMAG-B to the NetBSD/alpha X server.. :-)

Okay ... BTW, are the latest patches for the NetBSD/alpha X server
available?  They aren't in the snapshot directory.