Subject: Using a framebuffer console and fun with dmesg
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/29/1997 16:39:45
Okay, so I read all of my documentation, and I know that I need a serial
console with the 3000/400.  Not a problem.

_However_ .... It seems to me that it's possible to use the framebuffer
as a glass tty after the system is up and running.  I started a getty
on ttyE0, and I get a login prompt, but it doesn't respond to any
keyboard input (I hear clicks from the keyboard, but nothing appears on
the screen).

I'm willing to believe that this is due to the incredibly ancient firmware
that this machine has (which I am in the process of getting upgraded).

Another question: anyone got X running on this beast?  I have a PMAG-B
frame buffer, which _is_ supported by X11R6.3, so there's probably a
chance of getting it working (dunno if the keyboard will work, though :-) ).

Yet ANOTHER question .... I am getting the infamous:

dmesg: kvm_read: kvm_read: Bad address

on my system ... but _only_ after I build a custom kernel.  This is with
a fresh install of the latest snapshot.  Do I need to rebuild the userland
as well?  (I wouldn't think so, since I have the userland that came with
the latest snapshot)

Oh, one other thing: anyone else get this?  (Also using the latest snapshot):

% ifconfig le0 xx.xx.xx.xx
pid 129 (ifconfig): unaligned access: va=0x12013d352 pc=0x120018f04 ra=0x120018f