Subject: Re: Updating console firmware on a 3000/400
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/29/1997 10:55:09
>There's a switch on the back labelled S3.  It needs to be toggled to
>force a serial console.  (That's how the 3000/500s works as well).

Ahhh .... I didn't know that.  That works, thanks!

>Can you show the output of "show config"?  Some 3000/400 have an
>out-of-date SROM and that prevents console upgrades.

Sure (cut and pasted from my new serial console in an xterm :-) )

DEC 3000 - M400
Digital Equipment Corporation
     VPP PAL X5.41-82000101/OSF PAL X1.28-82000201 - Built on 30-APR-1993 13:51:49.50

------      --------      --------
                 CPU      OK KN15-BA -V2.4-S462-I077-sV1.0-DECchip 21064 P3.0
                ASIC      OK
                 MEM      OK
                 NVR      OK
                 SCC      OK
                  NI      OK
                ISDN      OK
                SCSI      OK
1-FORE_ATM      TC1    
0-PMAGB-BA      TC0    

Is it possible to download/buy an SROM upgrade, or is it soldered on the
board?  (If it's that EEPROM that I see on the board, then I could just
burn a new one with our EEPROM burner).