Subject: Help SRM V3.8
To: Carl S Shapiro <>
From: Riccardo Veraldi <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/29/1997 08:06:05
I have problems with my ALPHA multia AXPpci333 machine.
THe thing is that I Am not able to upgrade te firmware
from the CD.
AT the moment I have the firmware V3.7, but when trying to installl
the new V3.8 required for digital unix 4.0B, well it does not install.
I installed Digital Unix 4.0B anyway an it seems to work fine on the
SRM V3.7.
Could I have some trobules having the new DIGITAL UNIX Release installed
on a SRM console older than required?
How I can install the new SRM V3.8 since it seems not to be possible
to being installed???
Noone has this problem of mine with the Multia??


On Mon, 28 Apr 1997, Carl S Shapiro wrote:

> > I'm very interested in alpha port of NetBSD.
> > I've a PC164/433MHz machine on which Linux Alpha is running now.
> > Where can I get SRM firmware to boot NetBSD on my Alpha (PC164)?
> > Could someone tell me more about how to install and to boot?
> 	The cheapest way to get the SRM console for the various Alpha
> motherboards is by buying the "Alpha EBSDK and Firmware Update Kit".
> It will provide you with various manuals for such things as the SRM
> console, as well as a CD-ROM from which you can install the SRM console
> from, or make boot disks to do so.  The part number for this is:
> QR-21B02-03.  This will set you back about $75.  Quite a savings
> compared to buying Digital UNIX ($2000).  It is quite possible that the
> part number for this package will change sometime soon, as the PC164X
> and other new motherboards are released (for the 21164PC).
> Carl