Subject: Configuring ISA 3c509
To: NetBSD/Alpha Users <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/29/1997 00:42:59
I've got a ISA 3c509 in my AXPpci33 that I'm attempting to make
work. The elink3 driver works fine for a PCI 3c905, so I'm assuming
I have some sort of ISA configuration problem here.

I've done the isacfg thing to set the slot, irq and io address of the card:

    SRM Console X4.7-1860    VMS PALcode V5.56-4, OSF PALcode X1.45-9
    MEMORY - 32 Meg of system memory

    Slot            Device          Class           Sub-Class
     6      NCR     810 Scsi Con    Default         0
     7      Intel SIO 82378         Default         0
     8      10b7-9050               Network         0
    Slot    Device  Name            Type         Enabled  BaseAddr  IRQ    DMA
	    0       MOUSE           Embedded        Yes     60      12
	    1       KBD             Embedded        Yes     60      1
	    2       COM1            Embedded        Yes     3f8     4
	    3       COM2            Embedded        Yes     2f8     3
	    4       LPT1            Embedded        Yes     3bc     7
	    5       FLOPPY          Embedded        Yes     3f0     6       2
	    0       3c509           Singleport      No      300     10

However, you'll note that it's not enabled. I can't seem to enable
it, in fact; using -enadev 1 just gives me a printout of the device
parameters (as if the -enadev 1 argument weren't supplied at all)
rather than making the change:

    >>>isacfg -slot 4 -dev 0 -enadev 1

    handle: 3c509
    etyp: 1
    slot: 4
    dev: 0
    enadev: 0
    totdev: 1
    iobase0: 300   iobase1: 8000000000000000
    iobase2: 8000000000000000   iobase3: 8000000000000000
    iobase4: 8000000000000000   iobase5: 8000000000000000
    membase0: 8000000000000000   memlen0: 8000000000000000
    membase1: 8000000000000000   memlen1: 8000000000000000
    membase2: 8000000000000000   memlen2: 8000000000000000
    rombase: 8000000000000000   romlen:   8000000000000000
    dma0: 80000000          irq0: a
    dma1: 80000000          irq1: 80000000
    dma2: 80000000          irq2: 80000000
    dma3: 80000000          irq3: 80000000

I booted up anyway, and the card gets probed ok and I can ifconfig
it up.  However, when I try to ping another host, on a third host
running tcpdump I see the arp packet go out onto the wire, an arp
reply from the other host go out onto the wire, and that's it. The
alpha never seems to receive the reply to the arp, nor does it
appear to arp again.

Any thoughts on how to fix this? It would be nice to remove the
`untested' for this ISA device from the kernel config.


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