Subject: Re: Where should I start?
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Carl S Shapiro <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/28/1997 14:02:06
> It might be even cheaper to just ftp the SRM console firmware from
>  You don't get the SRM console manuals, though.

No, you _can't_ get the firmware from gatekeeper if you have an EB or
PC board.  It's just _not_ there.  If you are fortunate to have one
of the following systems, then SRM console is avaliable:

alpha1000     alpha433a     alphasv400    dec3000   
alpha1000a    alpha500      alphavme      dec4000  
alpha200      alpha600      alphaxl       dec7000
alpha2100     alpha600a     as4x00        decaxppci33
alpha255      alpha800      axpvme        dmcc21064a
alpha300      alpha8x00     dec10000      
alpha400      alphabook1    dec2000      

Otherwise, the EBSDK is the cheapest way you can get the "official"
SRM console for your EB or PC board (without spending a ridiculous
amount of money).