Subject: Re: ZLXp-E2 frame buffer
To: Chad Mynhier <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/12/1997 23:36:13
> 	The Supported PCI Hardware page indicates that the ZLXp-E2 is
> supported.  Is this actually the case?  I'm not interested in X support,
> just console support.

Sorry, i goofed.

The -E2 and -E3 are _not_ supported right now, for a couple of

(1) I've never actually had "real" access to one, to make it work.
(Once, in the AlphaStation 600 that was used to do the support for
that system, I had access to a machine that had an -E2 or -E3, but I
only had access to that machine via serial console.  I seem to recall
that it didn't crash the machine, but console output was reported as
being garbled.  "read on.")

(2) Even if I did have access to the hardware, apparently the rcons
software used for "glass tty" frame buffers only supports 8bpp (packed
pixels, even!) max, and therefore it might have trouble.

> 	I have an AS200 that came with a ZLXp-E2.  I took the card out 
> before I put NetBSD on it, and I've been using a VT420 as the console.  
> I just upgraded to the 970305 snapshot, and I thought I'd see if the 
> frame buffer works.

Unfortunately, i don't think it does.  Sorry about the confusing (nay,
downright wrong! 8-) information on the web page.  It has been

Note that the supported hardware pages for the various
AlphaStation-family (200/400-family and 600-family) systems correctly
indicated that the -E2 and -E3 were supported.  Must have had too much
caffeine when i set up the pci page...

An aside: if you're planning to compile -current on that box, you
probably want to compile from sources no older than those exported ~2
days ago...  8-)