Subject: Re: -current on (diskless) AS600
To: Matthias Drochner <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/11/1997 13:00:57
> [PCI probe problem]
> > Interesting.  How old is your system's firmware?
> It's not too old - it's V6.3 (Nov 20 1996).
> As I just checked, there is a V6.4 on gatekeeper, but I don't
> want to upgrade now.
> > 	If so, note the cases in cia_pci.c to handle lossage on the
> > 	EB164, and modify them so they apply to the AlphaStation
> > 	[56]00 (kn20aa) as well.
> That helpes a bit: After a hard reset the probe works fine
> until this multi io card (PPB + Tulip + 2xSCSI) is hit. The
> 3 devices (number 0/1/2 on pci1) are found; while probing
> the remaining device numbers on pci1 and then pci0 the
> messages appear. After a reboot the messages appear from
> the beginning. So it's only a little improvement...

That's ... odd.

I haven't seen any messages like that on any other AlphaStation [56]00
systems.  I don't understand why a PCI-PCI bridge would affect it.

I suggest you try the newer firmware, when you get a chance.

> After all, the machine is running quite well.
> There are some strange effects from time to time, like
> unexpected signals and file truncation.
> [ ... ]

You need some patches which were committed to -current recently