Subject: Re: SMC ISA or NE-2000 clone on an AXPpci33 machine: does this work?
To: None <>
From: Ben Tober <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/09/1997 15:45:34
> I'm considering buying an AXPpci33 board being offered right now,
> but the only two networking cards I've got laying around right now is
> an SMC ISA card that I _think_ is a NE-2000 clone, and a card that
> I know is an NE-2000 clone. Since part of the goal of this motherboard
> is cost-containment, simply buying a new network card is out. Does
> anyone know if an NE-2000 card will work now under NetBSD/alpha?
> (If the answer is "port the driver", that's fine too, but that'll
> have to happen later.)
> Also, the board being offered is the NT board, so it only has the
> AT keyboard plug. Does NetBSD/alpha support serial or Logitech
> bus mice? I've seen a couple of mentions of serial mice in the list
> archive, but nothing definitive, and not a peep about bus mice.
> I've set the reply-to to come back to me, and I'll summarize all
> responses for the sake of the list.
> Thanks in advance,
> David
No ISA devices are currently officially supported by NetBSD/Alpha.
I have a really cheesy port of a driver for Digital's ISA DE205
ethernet card which does work, though it's strictly programmed IO so the
performance is not stellar.  The port I did is not of good enough quality
to include in NetBSD/Alpha (hence I've not submitted it) but if you want
it and if my employer doesn't mind (unlikely they would, but I would have
to get them to do the right paperwork which might be a pain) then you can
have it.  As for the second part of your post, huh?  AFAIK, there has only
ever been one version of the AXPpci33 motherboard and it has a PS/2 style
keyboard and a PS/2 style bus mouse connector.  The X server which currently
exists does support the bus mouse, and probably could be made to support a
serial mouse with a little work, but I'm pretty sure that it currently
expects the bus mouse.  It's a pretty crappy X server, you won't want to
use it for anything heavy unless you have no better choice (it's slow and
the keyboard doesn't work quite right)