Subject: Re: success on old Mustang II, w/Jaz Drive & latest firmware
To: Andrew Gallatin <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/26/1996 18:36:13
> Also, anybody have any idea if/when XFree will be coming to
> NetBSD/Alpha or Digital UNIX?  I've noticed that their 3.1.2E
> distribution includes a server for Linux/alpha.   I only care because
> I've got some Mustangs with ATI Mach64-CX cards & not TGA cards..

I've not had time to pursue an XFree server for NetBSD/Alpha, yet.
I'm on their beta list, and have access to the beta sources, etc., but
haven't gone much further than that.

It's worth noting that their Linux/Alpha support in 3.1.2E is little
more than hacks to the i386 linux code to make it go on an alpha, and
will very quickly fall over on some of the more interesting Alpha
systems...  (For instance, they hard-code at least one bus memory
address range, and i know it's different on some systems.)

There really should be a completely seperate 'hw' tree for the alpha,
and I seem to recall the XFree people mentioning that they may go in
that direction, but i've just not had time to pursue it...

Hopefully i'll get to look at XFree on the alpha at the beginning of
next month, but i can't say for sure...  There's the 1.2 release
process, my impending vacation (two weeks starting on 7/20), my
continuing change of residence, the fact that the lab i work for
flooded on monday, etc.).