Subject: Re: Help installing sources
To: None <hhh@MIT.EDU>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/14/1996 14:35:37
FYI: is probably a more appropriate forum for
this discussion, since it contains ... very little specific to
NetBSD/Alpha... 8-)

Note that other users can probably provide more useful comments than I
can, since i've never really had to deal with 'sup' etc.

> I've gotten all the gzipped tarred sources, and have stuck some of
> them where I think they should go.  For example, I've stuck the
> include.tar files into /usr/include but don't know what to do about
> /usr/include/sys.

all of those should be untarred under /usr.  i.e. they should deposit
all of their files in /usr/src.

If you want your source tree someplace else, that's not too hard; just
put it in the right place.

> Can someone provide a pointer as to where I should be sticking stuff
> so that all the includes are in the correct place?  Is there some sort
> of README or other documentation that I am missing?  I've looked
> around quite a bit, but I may have missed something that is right
> under my nose.

I don't actually think it's documented anyplace...

the source tar files all provide the contents of /usr/src.  you can
install the include files from there ('make includes'), build sources,
etc. from there.

Note that none of the -current source tar files contains
/usr/src/Makefile...  you'll have to grab that from .

> From what I can pull from the docs, I should install "sup" and use
> that to keep things updated.  However, I've been unable to compile
> that or anything else that I'm trying to install.

That really depends...

First of all, i'm not at all sure that sup will be easily portable to
a 64-bit machine...

Depending on what you're doing, you may not want to bother with 'sup'.
If you're actually going to be doing development locally, what i'd
suggest is that you start with a 'stable' source base (last week's or
this (upcoming) week's tar files should do), put the source under
revision control (i suggest CVS), hack to your heart's content, and
then update to the current sources only when necessary.  (I'd actually
suggest: grab tar files 'soon' so you can start working, upgrade to
the 1.2 sources when the 1.2 release is finalized, and then don't
worry about it any more until your driver is working nicely.)

Given that you're going to be porting a driver, i'd suggest that you
just grab the 'sys' sources, put them under revision control, and go
from there.  If you want to do the whole system, it's not likely to
hurt, but it may not be necessary for your work.