Subject: Re: boot blocks?
To: Eric Sentner <>
From: Chris G Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 06/13/1996 13:17:15
> Ok, Maybe someone can shoot me some quick advice.. I've got the latest image
> loaded on an external drive and booting fine (on a multia 233).. I'm trying
> to get it onto the internal drive from there.  I've got the disk labeled, 
> the filesystems created, the files all tarred over, but it doesn't boot.  
> I assume it is a problem with the boot blocks, so could someone give me some
> info on how to create new (working) boot blocks on it?  Thanks!

The documentation is in the obvoius place... NOT!

take a look in src/distrib/alpha/rz25dist/Makefile

You'll want a command like:

        /usr/mdec/installboot -v ${DESTDIR}/boot \
            /usr/mdec/bootxx /dev/r${DESTDISK}c

where $DESTDIR is the mount-point of your new root disk, and DESTDISK
is the disk number, e.g. sd0 or sd1.  (note that you need to use the
raw partition (i.e. 'c') of the disk...)