Subject: AlphaStation 255 Supported?
To: port-alpha <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Mikael Nykvist <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/17/1996 13:12:18

I'm still waiting for some technician at digital to call me back about more
specific details about this new toy. While waiting for that, I thought I ask
you guys, maybe some1 of you knows whats in this box, and chances of getting
it to work with netbsd is..

For thoose who doesn't know about the new AlphaStation 255, let me give some
specs and price here... (There is ofcourse other options avaible, like a 
300Mhz cpu, but this model I list here as the best perf/dollar ratio I 

AlphaStation 255, 233Mhz 21064A, 1M cache, pci/isa slots, Onboard ethernet, 
Onboard sound,Onboard scsi, the newlookin case, cdrom player, NT media 
(you can get Digital Unix instead, but that costs more, No OS option 
doesn't seem to exists). All this for $1668 if your a "edu",  $2690 
else.  Seems like a very good deal. Ofcourse thats missing ram, 
disk, gfxcard, monitor but I think thoose things are cheaper to buy 
yourself from a cheapo mailorder company.

My concerns are firmware,scsi,ethernet if they are supported...

Keep up the good work guys!