Subject: Re: "Multia" AXPpci machine?
To: Thomas J. Merritt <>
From: Jon Katz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/03/1996 18:23:01
On Sun, 3 Mar 1996, Thomas J. Merritt wrote:

> |3) is anyone working on X11 server support for NetBSD/alpha?
> I beleive that Chris D. has got X11 to work on the TGA.  Whether this will
> work on the Multia unmodified is another question.
> |4) should I just forget NetBSD/alpha for now and just test the
> |   box with linux?  Linux/alpha seems (after reading the NetBSD
> |   port-alpha list for a while, and now testing the linux variant)
> |   to be much more mature, but this may of course be false.
> Linux/alpha makes few assumptions about the state of the machine it is
> running on.  It programs everything at startup using its builtin PCI BIOS.
> Because of this Linux/alpha must be compiled specifically for the machine that
> it will run on.  Netbsd makes the assumption that the system firmware will
> have properly initialized the PCI bus and the devices on the PCI bus.
> I don't beleive that Linux work on any of the TurboChannel machines at this
> point though.

Linux does have very alpha (as in development state) TGA X server code. 
It will not support TurboChannel BUSes. The Multia is PCI if I remember 

Hope that helps...

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