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Re: please review wip/cacti-spine

----- Mail original -----
> You can use ${DEFAULT_DISTFILE} instead.

It breaks the build. This looks linked to the manpage and its patch.

> > DISTFILES+=             spine.1.gz
> > SITES.spine.1.gz=       \
> >
> Is it useful for other tha Ubuntu?
> We are not neither Debian nor Ubuntu,
> so man pages for all commands are not required.

I added this manpage after a pkglint run. Since there is no man page in spine's 
archive, I took the manpage where it is.
Should I remove the man page and ignore future messages from pkglint about it ?

> > USE_TOOLS+=     autoconf autoheader automake aclocal
> I cannot find where such auto tools are used.
> > BUILD_DEPENDS+= automake-[0-9]*:../../devel/automake
> It will not be required, already in USE_TOOLS.

I removed these 2 lines from the Makefile, and the package still builds :-)

Thank you very much for your review !


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